Virtual Classes

Hero VIRTUAL Academy Starts NOW!

Join us on our new platform and take a variety of live, virtual classes. You’ll get the same high-quality instruction from our Hero coaches now, live in your own home.  Our innovative online curriculum will provide you and your athlete with the training needed to prepare them for their epic return to the mat or dance floor.

What does the Virtual Class Program include?

For just $80, you and your family get unlimited access to the full schedule of virtual classes for one month. We are offering a variety of jumps, flexibility, and tumbling classes, plus hip hop dance classes for all ages. The best part is you don’t have to pick just one; take your favorite class as many times as you’d like or try one of each class.

Now including Hero Strong; a fun and dynamic workout for the whole family. Perfect for athletes to stay active, moms and dads wanting to get moving, and siblings needing to burn some energy.

Join us Monday through Saturday and start getting Hero strong.