Cheer Teams


Gain Confidence Through Teamwork

Practices start in September through Mid April. Team costs vary by time in the gym, level of commitment and travel.


These teams train year-round and compete at regional and national events from December through April. Team placements are in May. There are elite team options for many age and skill levels, and even beginner athletes with little to no cheer experience can be successful on an elite team. In addition to quality technical training in tumbling, stunts, jumps and more, these athletes learn how to be resilient, what it means to have courage, how to hold themselves and others accountable, how to effectively contribute to a team, and what it means to push themselves beyond what they believe they’re capable of.


All Star Prep Cheer is designed to allow more athletes the opportunity to experience and participate in All Star Cheer. It is a fun introduction to competitive cheer for athletes who are new to cheer or have minimal experience. Prep level cheer is also a good option for athletes and families who would prefer less of a time commitment and lower cost. Practices will focus on skill building, learning choreography and routine preparation. The performance opportunities for this program will focus on gaining confidence, performing in front of a crowd and learning how to work toward common goals as a team.


Our tiny team program is for our littlest athletes, ages 3-6, who want to experience a fun and safe introduction to all-star cheerleading. Teams will start in May and will continue to add new team members through the summer and beginning of fall. These teams will perform at 3-4 local competitions starting in January. Guaranteed to be the cutest thing you’ll see this year!

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