For Every Level Of Skill


Our instructors are tumbling specialists – they know and understand the science of the movements required for each skill, and how to train athletes safely and effectively in beginning to elite skills, at all ages.  Everyone who is brand new to tumbling will start in a beginning level 1 class. This is the class that teaches the body shapes and conditioning required as a foundation for higher level skills. As athletes master skills in each level they will move on to the next class. If your child has previous tumbling experience, they may start at a different level. We will ask a few questions to place them in a trial class, and make a recommendation for a starting point after we evaluate them.


[45 min] This is an introductory tumbling class for tiny tots! We’ll introduce concepts of balance, body control and stability as well as foundational tumbling shapes using games and fun obstacle course tumbling circuits. We also teach these little athletes fundamentals of cheer such as basic motions and jumps.


This is a beginner-level class. Athletes will focus on body shapes and strength to build a good foundation for all tumbling skills. Level 1 works on skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, front and back walkovers, and back extension rolls.


Athletes must be able to correctly perform all skills in level 1 tumbling to move into level 2. This class is an introduction to front and back handsprings as well as running tumbling. Level 2 also focuses on connecting level 1 and level 2 tumbling skills.


This class is for athletes who have mastered level 1 and 2 tumbling skills. Athletes must be able to correctly perform roundoff to 3 back handsprings. Level 3 is the start of flipping and aerial skills.


This is an elite-level class. Athletes in this class will begin work on advanced flipping and twisting skills. Coach’s approval is required to join this class.