A Style To Fit Every Dancer


We offer a variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz and a whole lot of hip-hop! Our fun and energetic studio has a great vibe for students of all levels. We also offer a tumbling class designed for Acro dance students.

What to Expect to Learn

Hip Hop is a mix of jazz, funk and street dancing. It is known for its high energy but can also have smooth grooves and isolations. Along with structured coordination and focus on musicality, you will be learning current trends and up-to-date moves seen in music videos, movies, and social media. There will be focus on details and intricate movements as well as freestyling. Hip Hop training gives students the chance to find and express their own personal creativity and style.

What to Expect in Class

Each class will start with a warm up and stretch followed by conditioning. We will do across the floor and center work where we will work on combinations and technique. We will finish the class building on our group choreography and freestyle. Each class will be a stepping stone to prepare students for auditions and performances on a professional level as they get more advanced in their training.

Our Vision

In our dance program, it is important that each child feels confident and excited for more. More training, more learning, more building and of course more fun! We want students to feel encouraged and motivated to build on their learning with each class. When there are challenges, we will work as partners to overcome them and push through. We love to inspire students to create their own style and purpose with their dancing and to fall in love with the magic of performing.