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Our fun and energetic dance studio have a great vibe for students of all experience levels. With the options of our Hip Hop classes and a Contemporary style class, we give you the best of both worlds. Our training will help you build confidence, fall in love with dance, and you’ll get top-notch technique.

Monthly parents watch days, where our parents can come into each class and watch what we’ve been working on.

Winter and Spring Showcases for all recreational and team dancers.

Competitive Teams are BACK!

Take your dance training to the next level with our competitive Hip-Hop teams.
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Classes For Every Athlete


Ages: 3.5-5

Mini Hip Hop focuses on finding the beat of the music, and learning to use the body through movement with simple footwork and basic arm motions. We practice balancing and controlling our bodies along with working on staying grounded on the floor.


Ages: 6-8

Youth Hip Hop builds on those basic skills, combining moves and introducing more challenging skills like isolation and music timing.


Ages: 9-18

Junior and Teen Hip Hop continue to grow their skills with musicality and textures in their movements. Challenging the dancers to explore more styles within the Hip Hop umbrella and learn how to use their bodies in more controlled ways.


Contemporary is a mix of lyrical and jazz styles of dancing with a unique twist. They will learn the technique with turns, kicks, leaps, and more along with style and musicality to keep the dancers engaged in their training.