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How much does it cost?

Our dance classes are offered at $120 per 6-week session. Our tumbling and recreational classes are offered at $125 per 6-week session. Classes can be started mid-session at a pro-rated price – there is no need to wait until the next session to start! An annual registration fee of $50 applies upon enrollment. Team costs vary by commitment level – email info@hero-athletics.com for more information on competitive teams.

What should I wear to class?

Athletes should wear fitted athletic clothing – shorts and t-shirt or tank work great for our classes. Baggy clothes tend to get in the way during class and make it difficult to spot properly, so those can be kept at home or in a cubby at the gym. Please pull hair back away from the face, and remove all jewelry before class. Cheerleaders tumble in shoes, but they are not required for tumbling classes. Tennis shoes are required for any class involving stunting or jumps.

Do I need experience to join a team?

We offer teams for many different age and skill levels – when we are deciding if an athlete is developmentally ready for a team environment, we are most considerate of their work ethic, coachability, commitment, attitude and ability to focus on assignments. We then place athletes onto teams based on age and skill level. We do have full year and half-year teams for beginners!