Covid Updates

The coronavirus situation has been overwhelming for many of us, and it probably feels as though information is coming in and changing faster than we can even process. Because of the most recent restrictions of gatherings and more changes on the horizon, Hero Athletics Cheer & Dance will be closed through at least April 8th. We will re-evaluate our closure on a weekly basis after that. When we are allowed to open again, we will likely not be able to jump right back into the way things were before, and we may need to continue to make adjustments to schedules, size of groups, number of people in the building, etc.

While this has been challenging for all of us to navigate, this is not insurmountable and we are committed to finding ways to stay connected with our gym family – we have shown time and again that Hero is a village and that our friendship, camaraderie and generosity extends far beyond the skills our children learn within the 4 walls of our building.

Beginning the week of March 30th, 2020, we will begin a wide variety of live virtual classes. We are excited to be able to continue connecting with our families and give a semblance of normalcy in your lives. Email us at info@hero-athletics.com for more information!

As we all try to wade through this together, please remember that people all over the city/state/country/planet are doing their best to make decisions for their families, their businesses and their communities, and they are doing this with information that is changing by the minute.

Unknown factors can make this feel scary and overwhelming. I am comforted by the number of people I see doing their part to support as many small businesses as possible, and in using their strengths and abilities to help their neighbors, friends and communities to soften the burden we are all feeling in one way or another. I’m proud of the way our gym family has demonstrated a concern for the greater good – together we will get through this! If anyone has urgent needs, gym related or not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can connect you to someone who may be able to help.

All my best,

Hallie Newton
Owner, Hero Athletics